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The Devil’s Sisters (1966) ()

84:09Mins Crime
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 Humiliated by the man she loves, Sharon Saxon seeks a new life in the city of Tijuana. Falling prey to blandishments of Anita Crystal, she finds herself in a secluded hacienda at the edge of town, now a captive in a windowless room. She is beaten and starved, eventually forced to accept attentions of many men. After a corrupt police officer, Fred Pinero, turns out to be the man Sharon has been pining over, Anita hurriedly packs the girl off to “the barn,” a lonely country place where sick, pregnant and rebellious girls are imprisoned pending sale to “girl buyers” from other locales. Condemned to death after a fellow prisoner is run down with a truck, tossed in an open grave and burned with gasoline, Sharon escapes to a small settlement, where she alerts the police.

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