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Sobrenatural (1983) ()

87:05mins Horror
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  A woman who can no longer bear abusive treatment from her husband, takes off and goes to live in Barcelona where she starts up a relationship with another man. Just as her husband has located her through a detective, he meets with a horrendous accident on the way to the airport and ends up back home from the hospital, wrapped in bandages due to his burns and completely disfigured. His wife arrives from Barcelona, but not in time to see him before he dies. Then the oddest things start happening. Furniture flies through the air, weird lights come and go, and a myriad of supernatural phenomena make it readily apparent that the dead husband is out to “get” his wife for her extra-marital affair. A priest and an expert in the paranormal are called in to help, but to no avail. The husband’s body is disinterred – though that does not seem to help either. When most everything has failed, the wife, her lover, and the master of the paranormal join forces to try to exorcise the spirit of her dead husband one last time

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