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Romance at a Cruel Angle (2012) ()

107:38 min Asian, Drama, Hot-Movie, Romance
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Hyun Shik, an independent filmmaker, shoots the last scene of his new movie. He finds a stranger in the footage, which he ignores. A few days later, news that a body was found in that location breaks, but he and the colleagues don’t matter. Then, Hyun Shik meets Joo Ri, a beautiful and secretive woman, and they spend the night together. Hyun Shik is falling for Joo Ri so much that he says goodbye to Ji Sook, his longtime girlfriend and colleague. One day, Joo Ri asks Hyun Shik to show his new film. After watching the movie, she asks him to delete the ending scene, which he did. As soon as he informs that the scene was cut and the raw footage was destroyed, however, she disappears into thin air.

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