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Honeymoon in Paradise (1987) ()

88:59mins Classic Porn
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 Michelle Leska and Christophe Clark are a honeymoon couple who go to a travel agent’s where Marilyn Jess has just been employed as a result of a very hands on interview with boss Jacky Jack. She messes up the booking of a holiday in the Canaries and, when Michelle and Christophe arrive they find their room has been double-booked and they have to share with Andre Kay. The film then follows the couple and Andre Kay alternately. The couple are interrupted when ever they try to consummate their marriage, while Andre, along with bum Bertrande Corne, gets off with a pair of holidaying girls (Michelle Davy and Jessy Gory). Meanwhile Olivier Mathot is having trouble finding performers for his sex club. In the end the only place Michelle Leska and Christophe can find to get it on is as performers in the sex club, along with Melissa Bonsardo and other members of the audience.

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