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Black Rose (1969) ()

90:19mins Asian
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 The mysterious chanteuse Ryoko Fujio arrives in town and begins to perform at Sako Kyohei’s Black Rose Mansion. She appears and leaves at the same times every day. No one knows her past. No one knows were she lives, but everyone it seems is bewitched by her presence. Men who claim to be former lovers and husbands begin to arrive, each with a different story, a different view of her, and each one she rejects and says she doesn’t even know. After the death of one of her proclaimed ex-lovers and her assistant, Sako takes her in and renovates the mansion for her. Then, Sako’s son, Wataru, the families black sheep, returns, and he too is under Ryuko’s spell, willing to jeopardize everything, his family and his life, to be with her.

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