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Too Hot to Touch (1987)

Too Hot to Touch (1987)


Country: USA

Director: Bob Vosse

Actors: AngelJamie GillisKay ParkerLili MarleneLynx Canon

Genres: Classic Porn

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Movie plot

Amanda and Ted visit their skier friend Roger in the hospital, but nurse Loretta asks them to leave and then provides him with additional services. Meanwhile, Ted takes nurse Josie into the office of the ski resort, but the owner Danny sends him out. Danny then gives nurse Josie erotic ski instructions. Businesswoman Michelle has sex with Amanda and wants her to represent her line of ski clothes. For the men’s line, she does the same to Rick with his manager Rob joining in. Nurse Loretta takes Amanda’s mind off Rick by having sex with her. But eventually Rick asks Amanda out and they get together in front of a fireplace. Wearing nothing under her fur coat, Nurse Loretta is sent by Michelle to keep Ted up all night so he will lose the ski race.

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