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Street Angels: Sexy & Dangerous (1996)

Street Angels: Sexy & Dangerous (1996)


Country: Hong Kong

Director: Hin Sing ‘Billy’ Tang

Actors: Chingmy YauMichael TaoQi Shu

Genres: Asian Erotica

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Movie plot

 Interesting view of HK’s underworld of unsavory characters is marred by mass-slayings, violence, graphic brutality/ torture, and R-rated dialogue. Walkie Pi, a hoodlum striving to be the most feared man in the Red Light District of Portland Street, commits a murder and flees to Holland. Beautiful/ bright Tung Yen, girlfriend of Walkie, impresses wealthy Yi Sen Man (“Playboy”), owner of Number One Nightclub. She displaces Karen as Playboy’s favorite and becomes the club’s manager. Ming Ming is Tung Yen’s close friend. Min is Yen’s mother; Robert is Min’s boyfriend as well as her pimp. Walkie’s inevitable return creates a dilemma for Tung Yen.

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