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Office Love: Behind Closed Doors (1985)

Office Love: Behind Closed Doors (1985)


Country: Japan

Director: Yasuaki Uegaki

Actors: Junpei KusamiKurumi JôgenjiRei Akasaka

Genres: Asian Erotica

3.4/ 5 5 votes
Movie plot

 Reiko is a high class call girl employed by a large corporation. She’ll do anything necessary to help her employer land new business, including kinky sex and humiliation, to please her high class clientele. Secretly bedding rival company executives on her own time, Reiko’s world turns upside down when a former lover comes back to her for affection. The problem is he’s married! With yet another shy employee vying for her attention, Reiko gets caught in a triple tryst that could change her future forever.

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